Wake Daze 2018: Learn to wakeboard on one of our Womens Wakeboard Days!

Last year we saw the first of our Wake Daze events kick off in April and continue through to September.  We’ve had a bit of a change up this year due to wanting warmer weather to wakeboard in, (we do live in England, after all) so we are gearing up for our first event is on the 19th May over at Club Wake Park!

The second one is on the 30th June at CWP, where the yoga session will be replaced by a Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness session!  We’re excited!!

The third event is the amazing Weekend Retreat!  Last year was epic and we hope this year will bring even more levels of stoke!  Filled with wakeboarding, yoga, food, camping, BBQ, lakeside campfires and hot tub sessions all hosted by CWP. We loved this so much and can’t wait until this one!  We have moved it from September to July in hope of warmer weather for camping, and optimal lakeside basking between wakeboard sets.

The fourth day event is on the 1st September at CWP.  Again filled with all the goodness that is wakeboarding, yoga, Nalu Beads (NB workshops will run on every event, thanks for the support Nalu!), food and bevvies and of course, the log burning hot tub.

All of our coaching will be headed up by Level 3 Wakeboard Coach, Lex Balladon.

So whether you’ve never tried wakeboarding before, are a fair weather rider, a regular at your local lake, or an up and coming pro in the making, there is always something to work on to progress you to the next level.

Get involved and come on one of our Wake Daze!  Get in touch by dropping us a line through our contact page!

See you on the water ladies!

2 thoughts on “Wake Daze 2018: Learn to wakeboard on one of our Womens Wakeboard Days!

    1. Hi there Karen! You can either leave you email address here, or use the contact page (the last page on this site) and it’ll come straight through to our email account. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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