Learn to Wakeboard UK 2020

Alooooha! We are back and ready for the season ahead.  We have four dates confirmed at Xtreme Wake this summer and we can’t wait to get started.

The lake is situated at Grendon Lakes and is tucked away for a private and intimate vibe.  The cable is a straight line cable and so only one person is wakeboarding at a time, which means all the attention is focussed on you for your set with complete one-to-one coaching.

The days include a meet & greet, x1hr lakeside yoga, x2 wakeboard sets with coaching from BWSW Level 3 Wake Coach Lex Balladon, a swag bag, a Nalu Beads workshop and your fed and watered throughout the day.  And there is a log burning hot tub which will help sooth those achy muscles.

The dates are: 16th May, 20th June (sold out), 25th July & 5th September.

Beginner: If you have been wanting to try a new activity then this is perfect!  You’re learning in the best environment where the cable speed is tailored for you ability.

Intermediate: If you’ve been wakeboarding for a couple of seasons now and you’ve got your own kit, we know there is so much more to learn!  You might want to hit your first rail or kicker, or learn ollie 180s or back 180s, or some grabs off the kickers, or get those presses on the rail to look more legit… think about what you’d like to work on.

Advance: Want to get that first air trick?  Or get those kicker spins dialled?  Or learn a new air trick that is a little scary to learn on a full size wakeboard cable?  We’ve got your back.  There is always something to learn in wakeboarding.

So what are you waiting for! Click here to get in touch to book your space today!

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