How we are cutting down on plastic waste on our wakeboard events

Wake Daze Reusable Enamel Mugs

We’re always trying to cut down our waste!

Last year, on our Wake Daze events, we were more focussed on how to hold the events rather than the smaller details, and so we gave out small single use plastic water bottles to everyone.  We also used plastic cutlery where needed, and also a coffee machine that used disposable (non-recyclable) coffee pods.

Now, we have changed and evolved, and we want to continue evolving:  

We have asked everyone to bring a refillable water bottle with them.

We will be using our WD enamel mugs for hot and cold refreshments, which will be washed and reused.

There will be no plastic cutlery, just good ol’ normal cutlery where needed.

There will be coffee, tea and hot chocolate available, but the old fashioned way from a glass jar rather than using the coffee pods.

There will be paper plates for lunch time.  We are looking into this… all outdoor sets are plastic, we might pull out the china down the line!

We will have a food bin and recycling bags for food waste and rubbish.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve on this side, please get in touch through our contact page, if you have any helpful hits or tips! 

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