Womens Wakeboard Camp UK: May Roundup

We kicked off the 2018 Wake Daze events this year on the 19th May down at the wake haven that is Club Wake Park.  It was the same day as the Royal Wedding so naturally we had to have a peek at Megan’s dress when she stepped out the car!  Thats about as much involvement as we had in the wedding… we were too busy wakeboarding!

After all saying hello and getting to know each other, (and a cup of coffee….) we kicked off the day with some amazing yoga from Parker Rose.  We were right by the lake, and because of the nature of our day, she took us through some yoga moves to get us stretching out our wake muscles, and getting us warmed up, ready for our day on the water.

After a quick snack and loads of liquid (it was a really really hot day!), we started the wake portion of the day.  And did the girls bring it!  We had eight riders with levels of riding ranging from complete beginner right up to landing air tricks and transfers.

We were massively stoked to have a couple of riders from the adventure charity IDID, that promotes the use of action sports to help build confidence and resilience to marginalised individuals, and also from Battle Back which supports wounded, injured and sick Service people from all of the armed services.  Our coach Lex Balladon, had worked with both of the women before and was really excited to see them attending the event!

We had a break in the middle of wake sets to refuel with lunch, have a rest and hang out during a Nalu Bead Workshop where everyone got to make something with their Nalu goodies.

Aim of the game: to make sure everyone improved their wakeboarding in one way, shape, or form.  We had loads going on!  Complete beginners standing up for the first time, some gaining confidence in the water and practicing turning, others learning how to navigate the corners on the cable.  Then we had some trying out different grabs off the kickers, spins, flips and generally just boosting!  We also had some raley practice and also backroll training!  We had a bit of everything and we loved it, everyone was cheering each other on while lapping up the sun and good vibes.

Obviously we rounded up the amazing day with a dip in the log burning hot tub to just recap on our Wake Daze!

Huge thank you to all the women that came to play and well done everyone! We had a blast and can’t wait until the next one!

Here are some photos from the day!

Photos from: Janni & Keegan Rigby from Club Wake Park, & Lex Balladon.

(NB: We ask at the beginning of every event if people are happy with photos / video being taken and also if they would like them to be used on social media, we do not post photos without consent.)

The next event in June is currently fully booked.  However, we still have space on our Weekend Retreat in July!  28th & 29th, all the info on the website.

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