Womens Wakeboard Camp: September 2018

September 1st saw the last of our Wake Daze events at Club Wake Park for the season, and was it a great event!  As usually we had a totally mixed bunch of abilities and three repeat customers (which we loooove and we’re very pleased to say this has happened multiple times over the past two summers!).

On this event, we had five boat riders, one beginner and two complete – had never looked at a wakeboard – beginners, one of which had a fear of water (which was smashed after her first couple of minutes!!).  The best part is that everyone stood up, got riding and started tackling the corners by the end of the day.  And all of the boat riders were working on their first feature, being the wedge!  We literally couldn’t have been more happy with how everyone progressed!

We had excellent weather on the 1st September, not a breath of wind around and sun was shining.  After a quick cuppa and a chat, we kicked off the day with a yoga session right on the dock.  The yoga was lead by the lovely Parker Rose, who always manages to cater for everyones ability.  We usually get people who have never done any yoga, or that have done it a couple of times a few years ago, and then people who practice regularly & also instructors!  So a real mixed bag.  We love that people are willing to get involved and try out some yoga as we believe it aids your wakeboarding, but thats another blog post.  Parker leads everyone through a great set of stretches and warm ups, with more challenging options of the more advanced yogis, which gets everyone ready for their wake sets.

Following a very nice hour long energising yet relaxing yoga session, fuel was needed to get everyone stocked up for wakeboarding.  Which we did with some tea and cake, and also a more healthy option of coconut water and a selection of fruit and vegan energy bars.  The cake always goes down well.

We went through the first sets where everyone got used to the cable, started progressing on their goals for the day.  This was mostly the wedge; to either hit it for the first time, or to get more comfortable hitting it along with 180’s.  And over on the non park cable we had the beginners up riding and getting used to corners, and the total beginners standing up and riding for the first time ever!

Fuel was needed so we broke for lunch, and just to let the lunch settle, we did a bit of Nalu Bead braiding.

The second sets started and the women were on fire!  New tricks being thrown, most of them being landed, some epic edges were caught as well.  Lots of grab variations going on, 180’s being claimed and some being claimed by the 180’s.  The big kicker was even hit, and again, some stacks were had as well as it being mastered.  Then over on the non park cable, all the beginners were mastering their board skills.  They were all standing up and riding the entire length of the cable, starting to transfer their weight to start turns, and also started work on the corners!  So much was thrown down!  After all the riding, the hot tub was calling for a little soak and a round up of the day, and everyone was stoked on what they had learnt.

We have loved meeting all of the new Wake Daze’ers on our last WD event of the season, and throughout the entire summer!  We have thoroughly enjoyed coaching each and every one of you and helped you progress in one way, shape of form.  We will be working away over the winter to bring you more of what you love next year!  Keep shredding all you Wake Daze Babes and we will see you soon!

And just one more huge shoutout to everyone who made this season happen!  Toby & Janni at Club Wake Park!  And thank you for letting us take over the lake to create the best day possible!  To Coach Lex who helped each and every one of you progress this summer.  And to Nalu Beads for always stocking our swag bags!

Womens Wakeboard Camp: July 2018 Roundup

On Saturday the 28th July we had our third Wake Daze event of the 2018 season. Following the past two events, and the past two months of hot and dry sunny days, we didn’t think much of the weather that was to come.  We turned up to the lake with strong gusts blowing straight on to the dock.  The worst possible (and one that NEVER happens there) wind direction for Club Wake Park.  We started to set up the food & drinks table outside and quickly realised that it was just not going to happen.  We moved a few things around and set everything up inside so that people would be able to get their fuel without blowing away.  Good start.

Then we kicked things off with some lakeside yoga from yogi, Parker Rose. This lil beaut took us through an hour of energising yet relaxing yoga to get us limbered up for the water.  We did pretty well keeping our yoga mats glued to the dock with shoes and bags etc… the sound of the wind in the trees was really loud but also extremely relaxing.

The wind stepped it up a notch.  So much so that a couple of other wake parks had closed due to the high winds, and CWP was in danger of not being able to run as well.  CWP’s Owner, Toby Oliver, went wakeboarding to test the cable and wind situation out, and also WD Wake Coach Lex Balladon went out for a test ride.  The conclusion being that the wake park was not actually affected by the wind, and it was just the full force of the wind on the dock that was strong. The trees surrounding the lake made a fantastic wind barrier so we could ride all day.  Just another tilt of the hat to the little wake haven that is always flat, no white horses around these parts!

So, once we’d confirmed that we could get on the water and everyone had been fed and watered after yoga, we kicked things off!  Everyone went and got used to the cable and then started trying new things.  Everyone was riding really well in their first sets on the water!

We broke for lunch and a quick rest but due to the weather, we were keen to get everyone back out on the water incase the wind stepped it up a notch.

On the second session out everyone went for it!  We had a complete beginner standing up and riding for the first time, we had corners being mastered, we had loads of first time hits on the wedges (first time hitting any form of feature!!) and also grabs and different spin variations being thrown and landed off the kickers.  We had tantrums being thrown, transfer hits happening and raleys being crushed.  It was so awesome to see everyone trying something new whether it was landed or not; the ladyballs turned UP.

Following some pretty epic sets, the hot tub was calling where we let the achy muscles relax and catch up on what everyone had learnt.

Due to a quick lunch turnaround, we saved the Nalu Beads Workshop until last incase we were forced inside, which we weren’t!  Winning!  So everyone grabbed a cuppa and a snack and settled on a beanbag to do some braiding, which was a lovely way to end off our third Wake Daze event in 2018!

Thank you all the women that joined us to make it a great event!  Thank you to Yogi Parker Rose for an amazing yoga session.  Thank you to Nalu Beads for always supporting us.  And a huge thank you to Club Wake Park for hosting.

Womens Wakeboard Camp: June 2018 Roundup

We had our second womens’ wakeboard camp of the season down at Club Wake Park, and the English weather was an absolute dream yet again!  How are we doing this England?!  The weather was hot, the lake was warm and the women were excited for the day ahead!

We kicked off the beautiful sunny day with jumping straight on the water. Everyone who had already wakeboarded before got started on the park cable. This was great for the complete beginners as they could see how the cable worked and get used to watching how the kit was used and just getting familiar with wakeboarding and general lake life.  And soaking up some rays at the same time.  Each of the intermediate riders did great!  All of them were getting used to a new cable park, hitting the toys and starting to progress their skills.

We then moved the group over to the second cable which has no toys to hit or avoid so the beginners of the group could get stuck in.  And did they just!  We had everyone up and riding and starting to learn how to turn left and right.  They all did so great!

We came off the water, snacked up and got involved with some fitness action. The total babetown, that is Claudia from Island Feather, led the group through a Stand Up Paddle Board fitness session which consisted of taking everyone out on the boards to familiarise themselves with them, two on land circuits and one water SUP circuit.  Followed by some yoga from Claudia’s sister, Bettina! This was a lovely was to get get moving and also hit the water on a hot day, although everyone had mad skills and stayed on their boards!

We grabbed a plate of food and a beanbag for some refuelling and chilling in the shade.  Once all fed and happy, the squad all took to their goodie bags to dig out their Nalu Bead goodies to make something fun.

Once lunch had firmly settled, we took it to the water for the second wakeboard set of the day.  Everyone progressed on their morning sets which was just fantastic!  We had kickers being crushed, rails being tamed and corners being smashed by our new wake babes!  So much going on, cheering, laughing and high levels of stoke!

We rounded up the day with a good ol’ chinwag in the wood burning hot tub and let our achy muscles relax away..

Thank you to all the women who came and made this day happen, we loved meeting and hanging out with all of you and will be sure to see you again soon!

Big thanks to: 

Club Wake Park for hosting

Nalu Beads for supporting

Island Feather for the SUP Fitness & supporting


Womens Wakeboard Camp UK: May Roundup

We kicked off the 2018 Wake Daze events this year on the 19th May down at the wake haven that is Club Wake Park.  It was the same day as the Royal Wedding so naturally we had to have a peek at Megan’s dress when she stepped out the car!  Thats about as much involvement as we had in the wedding… we were too busy wakeboarding!

After all saying hello and getting to know each other, (and a cup of coffee….) we kicked off the day with some amazing yoga from Parker Rose.  We were right by the lake, and because of the nature of our day, she took us through some yoga moves to get us stretching out our wake muscles, and getting us warmed up, ready for our day on the water.

After a quick snack and loads of liquid (it was a really really hot day!), we started the wake portion of the day.  And did the girls bring it!  We had eight riders with levels of riding ranging from complete beginner right up to landing air tricks and transfers.

We were massively stoked to have a couple of riders from the adventure charity IDID, that promotes the use of action sports to help build confidence and resilience to marginalised individuals, and also from Battle Back which supports wounded, injured and sick Service people from all of the armed services.  Our coach Lex Balladon, had worked with both of the women before and was really excited to see them attending the event!

We had a break in the middle of wake sets to refuel with lunch, have a rest and hang out during a Nalu Bead Workshop where everyone got to make something with their Nalu goodies.

Aim of the game: to make sure everyone improved their wakeboarding in one way, shape, or form.  We had loads going on!  Complete beginners standing up for the first time, some gaining confidence in the water and practicing turning, others learning how to navigate the corners on the cable.  Then we had some trying out different grabs off the kickers, spins, flips and generally just boosting!  We also had some raley practice and also backroll training!  We had a bit of everything and we loved it, everyone was cheering each other on while lapping up the sun and good vibes.

Obviously we rounded up the amazing day with a dip in the log burning hot tub to just recap on our Wake Daze!

Huge thank you to all the women that came to play and well done everyone! We had a blast and can’t wait until the next one!

Here are some photos from the day!

Photos from: Janni & Keegan Rigby from Club Wake Park, & Lex Balladon.

(NB: We ask at the beginning of every event if people are happy with photos / video being taken and also if they would like them to be used on social media, we do not post photos without consent.)

The next event in June is currently fully booked.  However, we still have space on our Weekend Retreat in July!  28th & 29th, all the info on the website.

How we are cutting down on plastic waste on our wakeboard events

Wake Daze Reusable Enamel Mugs

We’re always trying to cut down our waste!

Last year, on our Wake Daze events, we were more focussed on how to hold the events rather than the smaller details, and so we gave out small single use plastic water bottles to everyone.  We also used plastic cutlery where needed, and also a coffee machine that used disposable (non-recyclable) coffee pods.

Now, we have changed and evolved, and we want to continue evolving:  

We have asked everyone to bring a refillable water bottle with them.

We will be using our WD enamel mugs for hot and cold refreshments, which will be washed and reused.

There will be no plastic cutlery, just good ol’ normal cutlery where needed.

There will be coffee, tea and hot chocolate available, but the old fashioned way from a glass jar rather than using the coffee pods.

There will be paper plates for lunch time.  We are looking into this… all outdoor sets are plastic, we might pull out the china down the line!

We will have a food bin and recycling bags for food waste and rubbish.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve on this side, please get in touch through our contact page, if you have any helpful hits or tips! 

Wake Daze 2018: Learn to wakeboard on one of our Womens Wakeboard Days!

Last year we saw the first of our Wake Daze events kick off in April and continue through to September.  We’ve had a bit of a change up this year due to wanting warmer weather to wakeboard in, (we do live in England, after all) so we are gearing up for our first event is on the 19th May over at Club Wake Park!

The second one is on the 30th June at CWP, where the yoga session will be replaced by a Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness session!  We’re excited!!

The third event is the amazing Weekend Retreat!  Last year was epic and we hope this year will bring even more levels of stoke!  Filled with wakeboarding, yoga, food, camping, BBQ, lakeside campfires and hot tub sessions all hosted by CWP. We loved this so much and can’t wait until this one!  We have moved it from September to July in hope of warmer weather for camping, and optimal lakeside basking between wakeboard sets.

The fourth day event is on the 1st September at CWP.  Again filled with all the goodness that is wakeboarding, yoga, Nalu Beads (NB workshops will run on every event, thanks for the support Nalu!), food and bevvies and of course, the log burning hot tub.

All of our coaching will be headed up by Level 3 Wakeboard Coach, Lex Balladon.

So whether you’ve never tried wakeboarding before, are a fair weather rider, a regular at your local lake, or an up and coming pro in the making, there is always something to work on to progress you to the next level.

Get involved and come on one of our Wake Daze!  Get in touch by dropping us a line through our contact page!

See you on the water ladies!

Girls Wakeboard and Yoga event

On Saturday 22nd July, we had our latest Wake Daze event which was held down at Club Wake Park.  Because we live in England, we’re savvy, and we kept a close watch on the weather forecast.  Of course it was forecast to rain on our Wake Daze! So we switched the day around a bit and all worked out for us in the end.  We kicked off with a meet and greet and then straight into a lakeside yoga session with the stunning yogi Parker Rose who led us through a great routine, in the morning sunshine, that was challenging through to relaxing to get us geared up for our riding.  Yoga was followed by some juices and yummy treats to fuel us back up for some water action.

Then we hit the water hard.  The shredder babes were all trying something new and everyone came away with an improvement or a complete new trick!  Stoke levels were HIGH.

The first water session finished and we broke for lunch in time to miss being out in the heavy rain.  Fuelled up and ready to go again, we hit the water for the second session where even more tricks were being thrown down.  Props to all the chicks, you were all pushing it!  Some doubles riding helped push a couple even further! Obviously the rain hit again but it was ok, we had a log burning hot tub that smelt divine, to warm up in.

Once warmed up and changed and a hot chocolate in hand, the Nalu Beads workshop took place where everyone got make something beautiful with their lovely gifts from Nalu.

It was a great day and we here at Wake Daze had a blast hanging with such a rad group of shredder babes, you made the day ladies!!  See you on the water soon xx