Womens Wakeboard Camp: September 2018

September 1st saw the last of our Wake Daze events at Club Wake Park for the season, and was it a great event!  As usually we had a totally mixed bunch of abilities and three repeat customers (which we loooove and we’re very pleased to say this has happened multiple times over the past two summers!).

On this event, we had five boat riders, one beginner and two complete – had never looked at a wakeboard – beginners, one of which had a fear of water (which was smashed after her first couple of minutes!!).  The best part is that everyone stood up, got riding and started tackling the corners by the end of the day.  And all of the boat riders were working on their first feature, being the wedge!  We literally couldn’t have been more happy with how everyone progressed!

We had excellent weather on the 1st September, not a breath of wind around and sun was shining.  After a quick cuppa and a chat, we kicked off the day with a yoga session right on the dock.  The yoga was lead by the lovely Parker Rose, who always manages to cater for everyones ability.  We usually get people who have never done any yoga, or that have done it a couple of times a few years ago, and then people who practice regularly & also instructors!  So a real mixed bag.  We love that people are willing to get involved and try out some yoga as we believe it aids your wakeboarding, but thats another blog post.  Parker leads everyone through a great set of stretches and warm ups, with more challenging options of the more advanced yogis, which gets everyone ready for their wake sets.

Following a very nice hour long energising yet relaxing yoga session, fuel was needed to get everyone stocked up for wakeboarding.  Which we did with some tea and cake, and also a more healthy option of coconut water and a selection of fruit and vegan energy bars.  The cake always goes down well.

We went through the first sets where everyone got used to the cable, started progressing on their goals for the day.  This was mostly the wedge; to either hit it for the first time, or to get more comfortable hitting it along with 180’s.  And over on the non park cable we had the beginners up riding and getting used to corners, and the total beginners standing up and riding for the first time ever!

Fuel was needed so we broke for lunch, and just to let the lunch settle, we did a bit of Nalu Bead braiding.

The second sets started and the women were on fire!  New tricks being thrown, most of them being landed, some epic edges were caught as well.  Lots of grab variations going on, 180’s being claimed and some being claimed by the 180’s.  The big kicker was even hit, and again, some stacks were had as well as it being mastered.  Then over on the non park cable, all the beginners were mastering their board skills.  They were all standing up and riding the entire length of the cable, starting to transfer their weight to start turns, and also started work on the corners!  So much was thrown down!  After all the riding, the hot tub was calling for a little soak and a round up of the day, and everyone was stoked on what they had learnt.

We have loved meeting all of the new Wake Daze’ers on our last WD event of the season, and throughout the entire summer!  We have thoroughly enjoyed coaching each and every one of you and helped you progress in one way, shape of form.  We will be working away over the winter to bring you more of what you love next year!  Keep shredding all you Wake Daze Babes and we will see you soon!

And just one more huge shoutout to everyone who made this season happen!  Toby & Janni at Club Wake Park!  And thank you for letting us take over the lake to create the best day possible!  To Coach Lex who helped each and every one of you progress this summer.  And to Nalu Beads for always stocking our swag bags!

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