Womens Wakeboard Camp: July 2018 Roundup

On Saturday the 28th July we had our third Wake Daze event of the 2018 season. Following the past two events, and the past two months of hot and dry sunny days, we didn’t think much of the weather that was to come.  We turned up to the lake with strong gusts blowing straight on to the dock.  The worst possible (and one that NEVER happens there) wind direction for Club Wake Park.  We started to set up the food & drinks table outside and quickly realised that it was just not going to happen.  We moved a few things around and set everything up inside so that people would be able to get their fuel without blowing away.  Good start.

Then we kicked things off with some lakeside yoga from yogi, Parker Rose. This lil beaut took us through an hour of energising yet relaxing yoga to get us limbered up for the water.  We did pretty well keeping our yoga mats glued to the dock with shoes and bags etc… the sound of the wind in the trees was really loud but also extremely relaxing.

The wind stepped it up a notch.  So much so that a couple of other wake parks had closed due to the high winds, and CWP was in danger of not being able to run as well.  CWP’s Owner, Toby Oliver, went wakeboarding to test the cable and wind situation out, and also WD Wake Coach Lex Balladon went out for a test ride.  The conclusion being that the wake park was not actually affected by the wind, and it was just the full force of the wind on the dock that was strong. The trees surrounding the lake made a fantastic wind barrier so we could ride all day.  Just another tilt of the hat to the little wake haven that is always flat, no white horses around these parts!

So, once we’d confirmed that we could get on the water and everyone had been fed and watered after yoga, we kicked things off!  Everyone went and got used to the cable and then started trying new things.  Everyone was riding really well in their first sets on the water!

We broke for lunch and a quick rest but due to the weather, we were keen to get everyone back out on the water incase the wind stepped it up a notch.

On the second session out everyone went for it!  We had a complete beginner standing up and riding for the first time, we had corners being mastered, we had loads of first time hits on the wedges (first time hitting any form of feature!!) and also grabs and different spin variations being thrown and landed off the kickers.  We had tantrums being thrown, transfer hits happening and raleys being crushed.  It was so awesome to see everyone trying something new whether it was landed or not; the ladyballs turned UP.

Following some pretty epic sets, the hot tub was calling where we let the achy muscles relax and catch up on what everyone had learnt.

Due to a quick lunch turnaround, we saved the Nalu Beads Workshop until last incase we were forced inside, which we weren’t!  Winning!  So everyone grabbed a cuppa and a snack and settled on a beanbag to do some braiding, which was a lovely way to end off our third Wake Daze event in 2018!

Thank you all the women that joined us to make it a great event!  Thank you to Yogi Parker Rose for an amazing yoga session.  Thank you to Nalu Beads for always supporting us.  And a huge thank you to Club Wake Park for hosting.

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