Womens Wakeboard Camp: June 2018 Roundup

We had our second womens’ wakeboard camp of the season down at Club Wake Park, and the English weather was an absolute dream yet again!  How are we doing this England?!  The weather was hot, the lake was warm and the women were excited for the day ahead!

We kicked off the beautiful sunny day with jumping straight on the water. Everyone who had already wakeboarded before got started on the park cable. This was great for the complete beginners as they could see how the cable worked and get used to watching how the kit was used and just getting familiar with wakeboarding and general lake life.  And soaking up some rays at the same time.  Each of the intermediate riders did great!  All of them were getting used to a new cable park, hitting the toys and starting to progress their skills.

We then moved the group over to the second cable which has no toys to hit or avoid so the beginners of the group could get stuck in.  And did they just!  We had everyone up and riding and starting to learn how to turn left and right.  They all did so great!

We came off the water, snacked up and got involved with some fitness action. The total babetown, that is Claudia from Island Feather, led the group through a Stand Up Paddle Board fitness session which consisted of taking everyone out on the boards to familiarise themselves with them, two on land circuits and one water SUP circuit.  Followed by some yoga from Claudia’s sister, Bettina! This was a lovely was to get get moving and also hit the water on a hot day, although everyone had mad skills and stayed on their boards!

We grabbed a plate of food and a beanbag for some refuelling and chilling in the shade.  Once all fed and happy, the squad all took to their goodie bags to dig out their Nalu Bead goodies to make something fun.

Once lunch had firmly settled, we took it to the water for the second wakeboard set of the day.  Everyone progressed on their morning sets which was just fantastic!  We had kickers being crushed, rails being tamed and corners being smashed by our new wake babes!  So much going on, cheering, laughing and high levels of stoke!

We rounded up the day with a good ol’ chinwag in the wood burning hot tub and let our achy muscles relax away..

Thank you to all the women who came and made this day happen, we loved meeting and hanging out with all of you and will be sure to see you again soon!

Big thanks to: 

Club Wake Park for hosting

Nalu Beads for supporting

Island Feather for the SUP Fitness & supporting


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